Rajasthan, the largest state in the country, occupies 10 percent geographical area but has only 1 per cent available water resource of the country. Low and erratic rains make agriculture a difficult task in most of the years. The desert soil is not only thirsty but hungry too. Therefore, knowledge of efficient rainwater conservation, drought management and pressurized irrigation for high water use efficiency, fertilizer management need utmost attention for the College of Agriculture for imparting knowledge to the students and conducting research for holistic development of state agriculture. Identification of drought tolerant varieties and water-saving technologies is equally important for profitable agriculture in the state. Deptt. of agronomy, COA is gearing up its teaching and research system to address these priorities in fullest measure.


  1. To enrich the farming community with technically sound man power for adopting hitech farming.
  2. To provide farmers new farm technologies for sustainable agriculture.
  3. To provide the farming community new knowledge in agricultural production system
  4. To add new dimension on tactical decisions for the crop improvement.


  1. To attain excellence in Under Graduate, post-graduate teaching and human  resources development
  2. To involve actively in crop and natural resource and cropping system-based  agronomic research as per the need of region through introduction of new  concepts to ensure sustainable crop production in the region.
  3. To produce high quality scientists in the field of Agronomy and to form an organized scientific infrastructure to ensure high quality teaching and  research for the development of arid region of the state, as well as to improve farm income.


S.No. Name Designation
Dr. S R Bhunia, Prof. & Head
Dr. N K Pareek, Asstt. Prof.
Dr. Amit Kumawat, Asstt. Prof.
Dr. H. K. Sumeria, Asstt. Prof.

Laboratory and other facility

EC & pH meter, Automatic nitrogen analyser, Spectophotometer, Flame photo meter, LAI meter, Oven, Soil augur, Distillation Unit etc.


  1. Students were shown the pressurized irrigation at field condition
  2. First hand knowledge of fertigation
  3. Production of vermicompost
  4. Organic farming
  5. Weed control in cropped and non-cropped areas

Research priorities

  1. Water Management, particularly pressurized irrigation
  2. Fertigation
  3. Fertilizer management
  4. Cropping system
  5. Stress management
  6. Crop production
  7. Weed Management
  8. Forage production